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D Scales began to sing at 2 years old and by age 13 was creating instrumentals, writing lyrics, and recording songs. He created a group called "Lyrikal Minds" and began studying the music industry more in-depth. After producing a number of local hit songs for the group, the group disbanded, but D Scales was not shaken.     Refusing to give up, at the age of 16, he formed a coalition of artists who were as dedicated to progressing with their music as he was. As a testament to his relentless drive to succeed, his hometown was awakened when D Scales collaborated with his cousin and a childhood friend. The duo, who went by the stage name

"Young Squad," teamed up with D Scales on a song called "Sit Back."  The song received an overwhelming reaction from the youth in his hometown and even received airplay from WEUP 103.1 in Huntsville, AL. The unexpected success of this song led to a few exclusive interviews over the radio.  In addition to the success, Athens High School, where D Scales attended, requested that they perform for two school functions; something that had never been done before by any other Hip Hop artists in the area. This was one of a number of milestones that would set the tone for D Scales.​