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Coco Montana born Cori Lawrence of Enterprise,AL is an unsigned Recording Artist and aspiring Actress . The name "Coco Montana" was a Nickname received by friends her freshmen year at Columbia High School. CocoMontana has been singing since the age of 4 , espousing e the age of 7, andwriting her own lyrics since the age of 8. "I'm very independent as far asmy craft is concerned . I have no problem collaborating with differentartists but when,it comes to me doing something solo everything is from theheart. I can't put emotion into something I can't sympathize with." CocoMontana was raised in a military home, her mother served in the US Army for12 years . Coco is always looking for a way to do things in a different way when it comes to her music , she is always looking for a way to connect her fans hearts to her vocals .